When you're planning your dream trip to tour China or you're planning your honeymoon touring through South America, there are going to be some popular tourist attractions that you're going to want to see along the way. This can be an amazing and breathtaking experience of seeing in real life something that you've only admired in pictures or can be an underwhelming headache of trying to navigate through thousands of people from one hundred different countries. There are some tips that will help you make the most of all of the tourist attractions that you include on the itinerary of your next trip.

Consider different times of day for visiting that attraction. If you've seen posters all over the city for a Manchester United game while you're visiting England then you might not have a whole lot of choice of when you can go. But, it is a different story if you want to stroll through the Louvre or you're interested in seeing Machu Picchu here in Peru. If you want to avoid the crowds then one of the best times to go is first thing in the morning. There are lots of people who like to sleep in or take a little longer to get organized when they are away from home and on vacation. Take advantage of this and take in a few of the best sites before 10am.

Research the best way to get to and from that site. Just because a site is popular with tourists, that does not mean that it is simple to get to and that there will be convenient options for those traveling by bus, train, and car. If you're someone who works at a store who can't imagine going anywhere without your own set of wheels then you should make sure you know where to park and how much it will be. If you're traveling by public transit then you should know a few different routes to get there and how often they run. There is nothing worse then being stranded after a great day of seeing a famous site.

Add some variety to what you see in a day. If you're someone who starts every morning doing strength training and every evening you go for a five-mile run then you might think that you won't get exhausted spending all day surrounded by hundreds of other tourists at the top sites. But, a vacation can start to feel more like work than something fun and relaxing if you don't schedule in some time away from the busiest spots. Find a little hole in the wall restaurant to have lunch or find out where the locals go for an evening cocktail. You will likely not regret taking some time away from the top attractions to really enjoy your time abroad.

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