So where would you like to visit after you have graduated from university? Or where would you like to vacation? Perhaps somewhere new or off the beaten track? Maybe your friends have strongly recommended a vacation to you, but you would rather try somewhere a bit different.

Where could you go? Maybe to Europe? Well, not different enough. Maybe you may have heard of Peru, which you will find located in the heart of South America.

Peru is rich in history and Inca artifacts. With a plethora of churches to see and Spanish influences to discover and explore. Peru is as rich in archaeology as is Mexico and offers a perfect vacation spot for the one who has just graduated. Some parents may want to think of Peru as a learning vacation for their kids after having taken them to a oceanfront vacation spot on their last holiday away. Some families like to visit a new destination every opportunity they get.

Of course, there are vacations and then there are grand vacations. You could just as well be content with spending a few days staying at a country bed & breakfast as you would be taking a cross country road trip. Or you could choose to take a train trip across Canada or a seaside vacation in the Caribbean.

If you decide to travel abroad, then you need to ensure that you have all of the necessary documents to be able to cross international borders. The documents required for a stay in your home country are much different from those that you would need if you wished to visit Peru.

The great thing about Peru is that there are lots of sites for you to visit; in and around Lima which is Peru's capital city to out in the countryside. The local food is quite different but very easy to fall in love with. The locals are always willing to show you around and there are lots of shopping opportunities for you to discover and explore.

So why not Peru? Why not somewhere different for a change? Why not to a country where you can feast your eyes on lots of history, sample some of the finest South American cuisine, and become a history buff? A country where you can experience how a culture lived thousands of years ago? Why not plan for a different type of vacation?

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