If you're looking at a map of the world and judging by size, you might not think that the country of Peru has much to offer when compared to some of the world's larger nations. It certainly does not have the size of Canada or nearby Brazil. But, this is a nation that contains not only part of the Amazon rainforest and the Andes. It is also the home of ancient ruins, some of the continent's best surfing, and some pretty memorable nightlife. Whether you're someone who needs a break from work or want an adventure to celebrate the end of university, you should consider everything that Peru has to offer.

OJO Peru is here to help you start your journey into this amazing country. There is more than five thousand years of history here and because of that this is now a place where you can marvel at gorgeous churches like you would see outside the window of a home in Paris or view Inca artifacts from South America's pre-Columbian era. One of the best ways to start the planning of any trip is by looking into all of the different things that city or country used to be. Well, there is a long list here in Peru and many people believe that you will find as rich archaeology here as you would in countries like Mexico or Egypt.

Those who have never been to Peru before will want to know what the best and most popular sites are throughout the country. We will provide you with all of the lists and facts that you could want, from the must see locations to the places that only the locals know about. If you're interested in exploring the capital of Lima or venturing out into the jungle then we can help you put together an itinerary that is going to be exciting and well balanced.

Traveling to any country is going to be a little different then staying at home and going out for dinner or heading out to visit with your friends or family. Local residents where you're from are used to one set of customs and those here in Peru will have their own ways of doing things. You should always be aware of the things that are going to be different before you travel somewhere new and we want to tell you all about how everything works here. From the economy to the major forms of transportation, we at OJO Peru want to make sure that you only encounter pleasant surprises when you leave behind your job or kids for a week and join us in South America. The information you are going to read on our website is made possible through the funding provided by sponsors like, Sunrisekidsdental.com in Scarborough.

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